To Our Valued Clients

Over the years that ‘Government Education and Business Directories’ has been in publication, as with all industries, companies come and go. In recent times, various other companies are attempting to use our long standing reputation and passing it off as their own, either directly or using a similar company name. These 'fly-by-night' business's have no association with “Government Education and Business Directories”.

The contents of their website (if any) are very similar to GEBD's. Before pursuing your advertising needs, ensure you authenticate what these businesses offer.

If you have been contacted by these company's, please forward their correspondence to us for review via fax (03 8080 3251) or email

We, at "Government Education and Business Directories", have an important reputation to uphold and thank you for your continued support through the services we provide.

Yours Faithfully

Government Education and Business Directories